Sunday, September 9, 2007

Old Time Radio

Old time radio! What a generation that was!! Turn on the radio and let the imagination run free!

My mom always said she liked the radio shows because she could do her housework and not miss a thing. The shows were like books, very descriptive, entertaining, and some were very scary.

Television is just the opposite. You have to watch it in order to know what is going on. Can't do your work or you'll miss a very important part of the show. No multi-tasking here.

I remember the time before television. We all had our favorite shows. Can't list them all here but you can check out the FREE old time radio sites. You'll find hundreds of shows. Just google "old time radio". There's comedy, mystery, theatre, westerns, the list goes on and on. Everyone will find something they will enjoy. Check it out!! Let your imagination run just might realize it is a good thing!

Have fun and God bless!

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Kay said...

I love Old Time Radio. It's fun to listen to them on Saturday night!