Sunday, September 9, 2007

Got Egg?

Are you an egg lover? Do you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard boiled?

Well, I have the PERFECT product for you!!

As it is now, I can no longer boil eggs. They either boil too long (I forgot I put them on the stove) or they sat too long after I took them off the burner (I forgot I was making boiled eggs). Can you see my problem here?

The other day I was wasting time at the local Wal Mart (I had to have an RX filled and was a little perturbed because of it). While I was wasting my time I came across this little jewel.

The answer to my boiled egg problem!!!

It actually works!!!

Pour water to the water line. Insert the egg holder. Put in one to four eggs. Put the lid on. Put in the microwave. Set the timer and viola!!!! You've got eggs!!!

For lunch today I had a salad. I love having a boiled egg cut up on my salad but never do (refer to the problem above).

I pulled out my new little gadget, "Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Cooker".

I filled up to the water line, put in my one egg, put the lid on and into the microwave it went for 8 minutes.

Next I started making my salad. I was about half-way thru that process when the microwave dinged.

Now how fast is that???

Not only does it cook eggs FAST it also cures a really BIG problem EVERYONE has when it comes to boiled eggs. The egg shell practically FALLS OFF the egg when you peel it!!!

Got egg anyone?


Mema said...

Gee, I have had one of those little jewels for a long time. Let me see, it seems that one of the "Rhea" girls to be, or maybe Kari got one in a shower. Anyway being a forgetful cook like you, I nabbed me one. I do 4 eggs at a time, mark them with a marker and put back on the egg tray. I have an egg at the ready any time I want one. :) Aren't they great????

Denise said...

Of course you fell right into Wal Mart's trap there... you shopped & bought something while they make you wait for your perscription... don't you just hate that!!! Altho I could probably use one of those also. I mainly have the problem of the shells not coming off easily. There was a stretch there when I swore off hard boiled eggs because NONE of them would shell easily. I tried just about every tip on the net. Now doing the same thing I have always done, they are peeling again. I think they were doing something to the chickens or treating the eggs after they had been hatched... I don't know but I honestly believe something was going on then. I put the eggs into BOILING water, set the timer for 15 min, take them off then & let them sit in cold water. Then the next time I am at the sink... oops, forgot the eggs, I put them in fridge, (yes, Mom, I mark then also, very good tip.) and they are done. No problem now...

Darlene said...

What a great tip, mark the hard boiled ones. I never thought of that. So simple. I'm so glad I posted this!