Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is Scooby, a Basset Hound that is loved by all. He has found a place in the hearts of his family and all his neighbors.

A few years ago one of Melissa's neighbors had a Basset Hound that would visit her and stay three or four days. Then she would go home for a day or two and return for another visit of three or four days. Melissa absolutely fell in love with this Basset Hound.

Unfortunately the neighbor moved taking their Basset Hound with them. This started Melissa on a quest to find a Basset Hound of her own. Charlie had his beloved Black Lab, Sam, and Melissa wanted her Basset!

After a long search on the net, looking at lots of pictures, talking to a lot of people, she found "Elvis".

Elvis ended up at a pound and was immediately picked up by Basset Hound Rescue. He ended up with a lady who had eight rescued Bassets who were quite old and most had medical problems. They were not at all happy having a young up-start in their midst. So, after having Elvis in her home for a couple of days she was delighted when Melissa called and requested Elvis. She was so happy, in fact, that she delivered Elvis to her door.

Poor Elvis. He was a very skinny Basset. He also could not ride in a car without getting sick. Poor thing threw up all the way to his new home, a 30 mile drive. Poor baby!

First order of business for this Basset was a bath. That took both Charlie and Melissa to complete that task as he did not want any part of a bath. After the bath it was on to lots of love, food and water!

Next order of business was getting a new name for Elvis. No one liked that name, including Scooby. Lots of names were used until they hit on Scooby. That was the only name he would come to. Call him Scooby and he would come running with his tail just a wagging!

Be careful, he hears the name Elvis he will hang his head and look at you with very sad eyes until you think he is going to cry.

Over time Scooby became the love of the neighborhood. He goes out each day and visits each neighbor for his daily dose of love and, if he's lucky, some treats. Scooby rules the neighborhood with Sam (the Black Lab) coming in a close second.

If you ever decide to get a pet, check out the animal rescues and the local pound. All of my pets have been rescue animals and they have made the best pets.

If you will kindly look to the left you will see a link to animal rescue. If you click on this link once a day you will be donating food for these animals. It's FREE, the advertisers are paying for the food, but you have to CLICK, once a day..

Thanks much and may God bless you beyond measure!

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Looney Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words during this difficult time. Also, I just added you to my blog buddies list! ;)

And that hound is the cutest. So weird that he just didn't like the name Elvis. Hmmm... Scooby is good.