Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Summer's Day On Stover Lane

This is the first summer that our street has been quiet and without a lot of traffic since the tornado hit four years ago. An F4 came roaring our way and when it came to us it decided it liked us to much to continue on its way, the way tornados are suppose to do. So it stopped right on top of us and stayed a while. We've been told it was the size of four football fields. I was at Melissa's house that day and experienced that once in a life time ordeal. (Something we can all do without!)

Before the tornado no one knew about our area. It is rather out of the way and very quiet. There were never any strangers around. A car goes down the street and you know where they live. You may not know everyone's name but we all waved "hello" when we saw one another.

After the tornado it was quite the opposite. Once the streets were opened we had lots of people, a lot of them were not the type you want around. People lost everything they owned. Some houses were completely gone, others might as well have been. Then here comes the looters. The real low life of society. You could tell exactly who they were. So our dogs and camping out on the property saved some people from being looted.

When the homes were being rebuilt, here come the looters again. Taking everything that was not nailed down, literally. How very sad. Lose everything from a tornado, then lose everything again from the low lifes.

I had a low life show up at my home late one night. He couldn't find anyone to help him and he was pretty desperate by the time he got to my house. He had a piece of glass, about 8" by 10" sticking out of his arm. I called 911 then wrapped his upper arm with a towel to slow the flow of blood. Later I found out he got hurt by trying to climb thru an open window and the piece of glass that was still there fell on his arm. Low life's are so stupid! Any part of a house left standing was ready to fall at any time. I have no idea who he was or what happened to him. I'm pretty sure he ended up in jail as the police had their hands full capturing these low lifes and putting them away.

At my house it took the big tree in back and it fell between my house and my neighbor's house. Is that luck or what? Had it fell straight I would have lost my house and everything in it. Had to fix a few holes in the sides of my house and the roof. Had to remove the damaged trees in my back yard, now I have no trees back there. Not complaining, it could have been much worse.

I have to tell you about the guy who lives across the street from Melissa and Charlie. When the tornado came he had no basement so he ran into the coat closet in the very center of his house. That was all that survived. The four walls of the closet and him in it! It looked like an outhouse sitting in the middle of a cement slab. His new house has a basement!

Two souls lost their life that day, they lived closer to the lake, it is a miracle that there were not more.

The other miracle is that was the day we had always celebrated birthdays at the lake. The lake is a little west of Melissa's house. This particular year Melissa insisted we celebrate on Saturday, the day before. Otherwise we would have been at the lake with all the little kids, parents, friends, neighbors, relatives when the tornado roared thru so only God knows how many more souls would have been lost that day.

We all have a set time here on earth. No one goes until its your time. Melissa, Charlie, Aaron, Braden, Tom and I should not have survived that day, but we did. And now, out of the blue, we lose Melissa. God has a plan for each of us. When I figure out his plan for me I will be one happy camper.

Until then, may our Lord bless you and keep you. Tell that special someone that you love them, don't wait til tomorrow!


Looney Mom said...

Wow! What a scary experience! Thank God your house was spared. And you're right about the low-lifes; what stupidity.

So I'm glad you got your links figured out. Thank you for adding me to your favorites. I'm so honored!! Take care!

Mema said...

Oh my, isn't that something about the man in the closet. A sister-in-law of mine did the same think during a storm. They moved from room to room and the last room they went to was the only one left on the house. This was in Arkansas many wears ago.

I am glad your home was saved so you could enjoy it a while longer.