Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have bloggs that I read every day. Each one fulfills a need inside me. Each one helps me on this journey to recovery. Since jumping into the blogg world (thanks Kay!) my healing has gained ground by leaps and bounds. It no longer takes me two or three hours to write a sentence. My spelling is slowly coming back but that dictionary is still getting a good work out.

Visiting someone is like opening a box to see what kind of prize I am going to win. Sometimes there's a prize and sometimes there isn't. Will so and so have something to say today or not. Will that prize be one paragraph or 20? What insight am I going to gain today....what lesson am I to learn today?

In the last week or so some bloggs have stated they are quitting. I'm going to miss them. I wish they would find maybe five minutes in their super busy world to just say "hi". I can certainly understand why some would stop blogging. I've read some pretty mean comments left by some pretty mean people for no reason at all. I guess it makes mean people feel good when they do that.

For myself, when I leave a comment I always have a slight anxiety attack afterward. Will my comment be taken in the vein that I intended?....... Should I have left it?....... Should I even let them know I read them? .......Would anyone even care in the least? .......Kind of sad, isn't it :)

To those leaving .....I am going to miss you......come back soon!

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Kay said...

I love your blog! And you have inspired me to get back to writing something every day. I want you to have at least one prize (??) to look forward to!!

Love you!