Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It’s getting cold here on Stover Lane. It feels colder than it is because its been raining. I went outside to get my mail and it’s cold out there!

My brother in Minnesota is falling out of his chair laughing! “Cold”, he says, "you don’t know what cold is!”.

So, compared to Minnesota it’s warm here. Compared to south of here, by golly it is cold! And it’s going to get colder.

Guess I better get busy and start winterizing.

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Mema said...

I lit one burner on my little Propane heater around noon. It feels good and I have on a sweat shirt jacket.

I am getting Natural gas some time soon. I decided I needed that instead of some one having to go get my tank filled. I should have done it before.

It is cold here in Lamar County!!!

Let Junior fall out of his chair, it is still cold here.

Hi junior!