Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brownie Girl

I'ts so nice out today I've opened all the windows. Don't you love the smell of fresh air blowing thru your home?

I hear a noise in the front yard so I glance out my window and what do I see? Brownie girl digging!

There's some sort of rodent living under my front lawn and she is determined to get it! That's quite a hole I've got to fill up. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on the outlook, she did not get it.

Brownie is quite the hunter and fortuntately for me she is smart. She will bring her conquest to the front doorstep. I look over what she brought me and tell her "good girl" or "no". She doesn't bring the "no" animals back :)

The rodents she catches under my lawn.....that's a good thing :) So she continues her hunt, and yes she has caught a few.

What a good girl she is :)

1 comment:

Mema said...

Well, I wish I had a Brownie to dig rodents from my yard. They got so bad one year that my back yard is like mowing over a plowed, rowed field.
They were mostly in the flower beds this year. But didn't seem to bother the flowers.

Good for Brownie.