Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sisters and Cell Phones


How times have changed! What did we do before cell phones? The world is moving so fast that we need to keep in contact 24/7?

I signed on the family plan when I got hurt. I would get lost and needed to be able to contact family to tell me the way to go. When I had car trouble I needed a way to call Charlie to come get me. My phone was for emergencies only…….. or so I thought.

Our family plan allows us to talk to one another for free. So my use of the phone slowly changed to “ I’m at the store and do you need anything“… “We’re at the lake on the one way street (or on the dock) fishing, come on down”. “Can you……..”

So now I keep my phone clipped on some part of my clothing all day. If there’s an emergency, I’m ready! If you want to have some fun then I’m ready!

For older people it’s really important to have that phone clipped on some part of your body. My aunt was in her 80’s and I kept telling her to have that phone on her so if she fell she would have a way to notify someone. Each time she poo-poo’d me. I kept asking her and she kept saying she didn’t need it. She became a little agitated at me cause I mentioned it each time I saw her.

Unfortunately the day came that she fell coming into the house from the garage. She did not have her phone with her and could not move as she broke her pelvis. Fortunately she could reach her keys and used the button to set the car alarm on and off. She did this for 45 minutes before anyone came to assist her. (I did not tell her “I told you so”.)

My mom is in her 80s and I tell her the same thing.

Can you guess what she says in response?

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