Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rescued Wild Cat

My Sweeties for 16 years

This is the scene I came home to every day. Isn't it great!!!

The fluffy one is the mama and all fluff she was. She weighed a little bit of nothing.

The other two were the runts of the litter. I kept them so mama would not be alone. She loved her kittens more than life itself. She was a wild cat and the only way we caught her was to get her kittens. She would not leave her kittens

They all passed within a few months of each other. Mama was close to 20 and the kittens were 16. I do miss them a lot.

They came to my house because the rescued cat I had died suddenly. Evidently he had a heart problem that was not caught during visits to the vet. That's how I get all my pets. Homeless animals seem to know my address and show up just as I lose a current pet.

Before the death of my last kitten homeless Brownie showed up. That's quite a story in itself.

Have a great day and God bless!

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