Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Taking A Walk

It’s Wednesday and Braden gets out of school at 2pm. Picked him up from school and we headed to McDonald’s for their dollar specials.

We talked about school and homework. He’s got three pages of division that’s due Friday. He said it was too much and he wasn’t going to do it. So our discussion was basically how school prepares students for adulthood. We settled on a look at the homework then a walk down the back road.

When we arrived at his house he pulled out the homework. It really was not as bad as I thought it would be and saw that he was just overwhelmed by what he thought was a massive amount of division.

So before our walk he completed one page. I pointed out to him how easy the other pages really were, so tonight he will do another l/2 page, then tomorrow after school we’ll do the rest before our walk.

The weather was perfect for a walk so we headed out with Brownie towards the back road. Scoobie even joined us and did a good job of keeping up. He has such short legs he has to run while we walk.

This is the back road. The fence is where I saw the “vultures” :)

Braden having some fun.

Here’s my sweetie….gosh she’s six years old now. She ran the whole time, there’s simply no stopping her.

Scoobie and Brownie looking around

We had a great walk….gives Braden a chance to talk and have fun with the dogs.

Hope your day was as great as ours. God bless!

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