Thursday, December 6, 2007

Blog For Money

I love the blogging world. I get to visit so many people all over the world. One of the things I’ve found throughout is blog advertising. The idea that one can get paid blogging is a God sent to many who are unable work away from home at this point in their life.

Smorty's specialty is blog for money.

Their sign up is simple and easy to understand.

You pick the product you wish to write about. The choice is always yours.

From personal experience I can tell you their Customer Service is golden!

I’m still re-couping from a concussion and during that one step backwards I need help with the simplest of things. Here comes Customer Service to my rescue. They answered every one of my e-mails quickly, efficiently, and graciously. No question is to small and if there‘s some point you just don‘t get they will continue working with you until you do!

I’ve never experienced a Customer Service of this magnitude and I will bet you haven’t either.

Sign up with Smorty today….make that much needed income with a company who really does care!

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jackie said...

Hi Mom,
I love your blogging, i never know what to makes it fun and interesting! i NOW for the third time ...have an identity...same one different email or password .... i don't know...hopefully i wont have so many problems...this time! And i happen to agree "customer service" needs to be just that! Service for the customer!! I love you!