Friday, December 7, 2007


Three inches to be exact and beautiful!

Yesterday morning it started snowing, big beautiful flakes, and continued most of the day. Unfortunately it was during morning rush hour so there was a continual report of wrecks, causing massive backups and delays.

Schools closed early, evening classes and meetings were cancelled. I could hear students shouting with joy on that one!

It’s warmer today and I notice the snow has already melted on the street and my driveway. My neighbor next door was out shoveling his driveway late yesterday. I thought for one fleeting moment that I should go out and shovel mine. But then…I thought…no way…. let it melt! And it did!

Tomorrow is going to be another story. An ice storm is predicted for Saturday and Sunday. I hate ice storms. I am afraid of ice storms. Ice storm….GO AWAY!

Ice storms can create extreme hardship. Huge layers of ice forms on the tree limbs and power lines to the breaking point. Power goes out. Streets are sheer ice. It’s at times like this I wish I had a fire place.

In our second house we had back to back fire places. That was soooo nice! There were times when we lost power and I’d get a rip roaring fire going. The girls and I would make our beds in front of the fireplace, roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, laugh a lot, and stay warm.

So today I’m requesting a big prayer from everyone that we do not have an ice storm!

God bless!


Mema said...

Heaven forbid, not an ice storm. The one we had in 2000 sure was a bad one. I don't want to go through that again.

Take care and stay inside.

Kari said...

I wish we had snow here :( It was 75 degrees today!! Thats not what its supposed to be in December!!! Send that snow this way :D