Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pine Tree

Today I learned that day old snow is not nearly as pretty as fresh.

I love this tree. Its full, its tall, and the birds, the squirrels, and the rabbits all end up either in or under this tree all year long. The deer come around but they ignore the tree.

Do you see that brown spot in the lower left corner? That's Brownie! I certainly didn't see her when I took the picture, what a nice surprise.

Brownie came outside with me and started running immediately. She checks out the yards on either side to make sure everyone is safe and secure from whatever might be in the neighborhood. She's also checking to see if there's a rabbit or two she might catch....I don't know where they live but I see them every night around this tree, or the driveway next door.

This pine tree is unlike any I've ever seen. The pine cones are extremely small, maybe two inches tall, very compact. My neighbor planted one just like it in her yard. You can see it in the background on the right. They trimmed the lower branches from their tree. Personally I like the dense, full, branches to the ground. I look inside and it's dark and secretive. Perfect for bird's to build their nests, rabbits and squirrel's to hide. Who knows what else takes refuge under there. Maybe that mole Brownie keeps digging after.

It's truly beautiful here on Stover Lane.

Enjoy and God bless!

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Denise said...

bbrr... I am so glad it is you out there in the snow taking pics & not me... :) This ol' Texas gal likes it warm. I am tired of the 40 & 30 deg weather we have been having here. I am ready for warm!!! Anyway love the pic & a big Texas howdy to Brownie!!!