Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We had a beautiful white Christmas here on Stover Lane. The Christmas lights shinning bright, deer wandering house to house (if only they could sing), family and friends visiting, what a wonderful day!

And this afternoon it started snowing. Flakes coming down so fast and beautiful. Tomorrow, before the next storm makes an appearance, I hope to get a picture of the pine tree in my front yard. The green of the tree with the white of the snow piled high, the colorful birds perched all around, just beautiful!

I’m off to let Brownie outside, again!

God bless.


Mema said...

It sounds like a winter wonderland. But, I can do with out it. :)

The temp is down into the 30's again tonight. My kids stayed over another night to wait for dry weather. If not, we will use lots of plastic bags to get their things home dry. They had to come up in the pick-um-up this time. But a call this morning says that Rosie, the van, is ready to come home. She has been in the shop for repair after a wreck a few months ago.

Enjoy the beauty and would love to see some pictures.

Denise said...

Yes... I wish you could have pictures... the closed to a White Christmas we will get... enjoy it for us & we will keep you warm in our hearts thinking about yall through out the year.