Sunday, December 9, 2007


Our local grocery store had a one day sale today. Prices were so low I had to make the trip The parking lot was packed. There were no parking spots at all. Cars were lined up waiting for someone to leave. Since I’m driving a small, sporty vehicle I was able to parallel park in a tiny spot between two vehicles who were parked at the curb. Today was definitely my lucky day.

As I was walking toward the store a woman gave me her cart saying there were no carts to be had anywhere. Again, today was my lucky day.

The other surprising aspect of all this was how very kind and courteous everyone was. The store was packed, the lines were long, employees were running to and fro replacing sale items and people were being super kind to one another. They were even SMILING!

When did you ever go to a huge sale and find this attitude among shoppers and employees?

Many of the sale items were stacked in the isles which made it easy to find but hard to maneuver. The stacks were almost as tall as I am which made it a little difficult if the flavor of the item you want is three or four stacks down from the top. So I replaced the one I wanted with one from the top and prayed the stack wouldn’t fall over …now that would have created some excitement!

They also had free food throughout the store. Meats, fruits, chips, veggies, dip. This was a first for this store and with the turnout they had today I’m sure they will do it again.

An hour and a half later, as I was pushing the cart towards my car I realized it was misting….a very fine mist….a very fine frozen mist.

The store is only a few blocks from my house so I was able to get home and get everything into the house before the ice took over. Now all I need to do is put out some ice melt on the porch step and sidewalk. That I will do tomorrow……or not :)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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