Thursday, December 20, 2007


Just five days til Christmas. The presents are wrapped and ready. The decorations are up…well most of them are anyway.

The last of the ice melted today from my sidewalk and front stoop. Just in time for the next round of ice and snow. I’ve removed the fallen limbs (oh, oh, that PG13 word :) from the front yard and hope my tree can withstand this next onslaught due to arrive Saturday. My back yard is full of large limbs (oops that PG13 word, again :) that have fallen from my neighbor’s trees. I’m hoping he gets out there and cleans it up. If not, I’ll have to get my grandkids over to help me, I know they are much to heavy for me.

That’s all the news on Stover Lane. It’s busy, it’s quiet……til 12am January 1st , but that’s whole other story.

Have a great Friday and God bless!

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Mema said...

I was rated G. :)