Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What a busy day this has been. The weather has been so cold, the roads slick, and I’m driving the light weight sporty thing so I’ve put off going outside for days.

Well almost. I did go out for the mail, the birds, the dog, the trash.
Other than that……I stayed inside!

Today the weather warmed up to 20+, the streets are clear and my drive way is free of ice. So I took advantage of all this to get my errands ran. I ran here, I ran there, I ran everywhere! I even picked Braden up after school

So now Braden is home safe and sound, there’s food in the frig, bills are paid, and all the mail has been taken care of.

What am I going to do after all this? I’m going to put on a good movie, get comfortable and fall asleep, LOL.

Have a good evening everyone. Hope your day was a blessed one!

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