Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Boomers and Social Security

I am so glad I found Rhea at Boomer Chronicles. Rhea is a journalist from Boston who keeps us baby boomers in the know. I desperately need Rhea to keep me informed cause I really ( you know the word for it) at this.

Rhea found Humberto Cruz' (of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel) article on the strategy couples can use to maximize their Social Security benefit.

Go HERE to read the article and be sure to give Rhea a visit. She has all kinds of info and sites for us boomers :)



Rhea said...

Thank you, friend, for the kind words about The Boomer Chronicles!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm thinking there aren't even going to be any benefits left by the time we retire but it would be good to be informed, that's for sure.