Friday, March 28, 2008

Been Busy

I just realized I have not posted since Monday. This week has just flown by.

I've been busy this week in the basement getting things back in order. I've got 1/7th of the basement completed. Well, almost completed. Put lots of stuff in boxes which I will go thru in the evenings. It's one of those.....keep......toss......give away...... or box up for Salvation Army/Good Will, etc.

Thursday night is band practice for Charlie so Braden and I stopped by the store after school for kitty food, snacks....stuff like that.

Aaron wasn't home yet so I hung out with Braden. Scooby even joined us for a change. He actually stayed in the house with us the whole time I was there. He's such a lovable fella. Can't wait til we start walking again with the dogs :)

First thing Braden wanted to do was play the drums. I had yet to hear him play on Charlie's drums but Jackie had told me how good he was. Well I tell you, this kid is better than just good :) He amazed me cause I know he just started playing his dad's drums. He's a his dad. This is going to be great fun listening/watching him play!

You never know....the two of them may start playing together at family oriented gigs. Wouldn't that be great :)

I'll be back tomorrow....have a great evening!



Joy Des Jardins said...

Oh my are doing exactly what I've been trying to talk myself into out our basement storage room. Kudos to you Darlene. I just hope I get the spark that will ignite my fire to actually do it. Every time I start it seems overwhelming.

Hey, I think it would be really cool to have Braden play a gig or two at family get-togethers. I know I'd love it.

Have a great weekend my friend...

Susan said...

How is it going? I have got to get busy myself doing spring cleaning.It just takes that first step.Good luck and happy cleaning.Have a bless day.

Anonymous said...

im watching KU play Davidson for the spot in the final 4!.....GO KU!
Oh my goodness it's a great game!
Hope your having a wonderful Sunday mom! I love you..Jackie



Darlene said...

Thats very funny, Jackie :)

LOve you right back! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't have a basement to clean out but my barn could sure use some cleaning. I can't believe all the stuff that's collected out there. You'd think with horses living in it there wouldn't be room for so much stuff. But then I guess that stuff all belongs to those horses. lol