Monday, March 31, 2008

Are You Bored Today?

Yep, today is Monday....the hardest day of the week to get up and get going.

Don't you just wish that some Monday's could be a little more exciting? Whether it's at home, work or just needs a little more excitement!

Perhaps on days when we feel life is just a little to drab..or unexciting...or just plain boring you should volunteer at a working ranch. Yep, that's what I think you should do. (You may wonder why I use the term "you"......the reason being I've already had the pleasure of experiencing that particular "work", thank you very much :) Besides, I think it does a body good to experience something new :)

So go HERE and see what fun you're missing out on today!

P.S. Today ya gotta scroll down to "Never A Dull Moment".


1 comment:

Mema said...

Welcome back. I enjoyed your post and the attachment also. Looks like hard work to me, the kind that I don't like.