Saturday, April 26, 2008

Have Another Brownie

Brownie is getting Fat....that's Fat with a capital F!

She has never looked heavy to me until now...yep she's put on a ton of weight.

When Brownie came to my house she was 45-50 pounds under weight. I think my neightbors took pity on her cause they started feeding her. And I free feed so she always has food available which makes it totally unnecessary for this extra love she's getting from them.

Brownie makes several trips a day next door and across the street to see what's available. Sometimes she comes back with a bulging belly!

The plus side of this.....I don't buy much dog food :)

And..... I have a very happy dog......even if she is fat :)

Have a great and blessed week end :)



Nancie said...

It's hard to resist food :) And dogs don't care even if they are fat, unlike us ;)

Have a great and blessed weekend!

Mema said...

I have a fat dog also. But it is all my doings. When I rescued her she was so thin and I would give her treats, when she ate, when she went out to potty. Etc.

Now she expects a treat every time she does something. Fat dog, spoiled dog. She even likes her weight control food. :) Her feet are healed now and she is a happy dog again. And much loved by all.