Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bird In Distress

I was busy doing dishes when I suddenly heard a loud chirping sound. I hear birds all the time and didn't give it much thought.

The chirping wouldn't stop. It was was continuous......OMGosh! A bird in distress.

So I rushed outside to find that poor bird. I went here, I went there, I checked the tree....I looked everywhere! Maybe the cat has it....where's that darn cat anyway!

Well, I couldn't find that poor bird in distress :( So I stopped and listened.....and listened some more!

Where is that sound coming from? It's so hard to pin it down. It's not on the roof or in the tree, or on the ground.......oh wait!

There it is.....its that stinking stuffed toy chick Brownie brought home!!!

Now where's the screwdriver so I can get that stinking battery out of that stinking toy!

(Oh, and what was Brownie doing all this time? She was sitting there watching me, wagging her tail. I swear she had a grin on her face!)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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