Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's been raining all day and since I had to get out in it anyway I decided to start my search for a new bed. The one I have is 20 plus years old and is starting to kill my back....bummer :(

So out of necessity I felt today was as good as any to start the search. I went here, I went there, I went everywhere. The first one I tried....well....I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It felt so nice....I was about to go to sleep, that's how good it felt.

Then I tried another was even better. The more I tried the worse the first one felt. So my conclusion there is my mattress is soooooo bad that anything was heaven in comparison:)

So on I traveled. Another store, nothing any better than the first store....and on it went. Store after store and then some.

Finally .....I found.....the best of the best! I mean, I have never, ever, felt anything this good! It just wraps your body in luxury! Put this in your bedroom and you will never leave!

Now that I've found THE perfect mattress I just need to come up with $4,000.00 plus dollars. Oh, by the way, that includes delivery, set up and frame :)

I'm laughing all the way to the bank!

Uh....Mr. Banker....will you give me......$$$$$$$$$$


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Joy Des Jardins said...

That mattress sounds like you may have to 'rob' the bank to purchase it. But one thing I've's really important to have a good one...especially as you get older. It makes a world of difference in warding off more aches and pains than we already have. A really good mattress is worth go for it Darlene....and HAPPY SLEEPING!