Friday, May 16, 2008


Don't tell me I haven't posted since Monday :0

I'm on line every day checking out my favorite people and finding new and interesting sites. The days just fly seems like yesterday that I posted.

Today I got out the trusty turkey baster and removed all the gas from the lawn mower. Then I drove two blocks to the gas station for a gallon of gas. $$$$

I put the new gas in the lawn mower and guess what!!! It started right up:) So far I've mowed half of the front lawn and had to take a break. There's some mighty tall grass out there, lol.

I learned a couple of new things while cruising the blogs yesterday.

1. Did you know that your fresh fruits and vegs will stay fresh if you store them in the microwave? This info is compliments of Moms Kitchen Cooking. Check out the video she has posted. You will find her front page here with some mouth watering recipes :)

2. The second thing I learned (after these zillions of years) is at each end of the box containing foil, saran wrap, etc. is a "press here to lock end" tab. Push that tab on both ends of box and your foil, etc. will not fall out and make you crazy :) This is compliments of The Deputy's Wife . Take a look, she has more to say on this subject than I :)

Again I have to say.....I love the blogosphere!!

(I'm off to finish mowing the front lawn:)

Have a blessed day!

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Mema said...

Isn't yard work wonderful. When you finish it looks so neat and green, like a new, mans hair cut. I got the front and sides mowed. My grandson is supposed to come tomorrow and do the back yard.

I go to DAR at noon tomorrow, so I can't help. Then while my hair is all prettied up I go to church and get my picture made. The last time they did pictures at church, mine was so bad I hid the one they gave me and I don't know where it is.

Of course it is in the directory. :(