Friday, May 2, 2008


The quiet before the storm. That’s exactly what it was.

I was not at all concerned about the severe thunderstorm headed our way UNTIL they added tornado watch.

I decided to be cautious and gathered up my essentials, meds and etc.
Suddenly the (tornado) sirens went off and my phone started ringing all at the same time.

Now what do I do?? I grab my stash, grab the phone….it’s Jackie…”Mom” she says and I yell “can’t talk, have to take cover” and throw the phone down. Run down the stairs, yelling for Brownie, and get under the stairway.

Flashback time.

“Lord take the fear away and keep us all safe”.

I’m calling Braden, no answer. Call Aaron, no answer. Keep calling with no answers.

Where are they?? Don't.....panic!!

Braden calls me. He’s at Tom’s house and he’s having flashbacks. Aaron and Nickki are there also, everyone as safe as is possible.

I call Jackie back on my cell and she tells me she was calling to say there was still time as the tornado was not on top of us yet. So I have time to go back up stairs, get my regular phone (in a panic I couldn’t find it right away), get my flashlight, get the weather radio to track what was going on, run back downstairs still trying to get Brownie to follow me.

Call Jackie back and we talk.

Sirens blaring.

Tornados rotating around us but not on the ground yet

Then finally, it’s all clear.

Soon I hear a tornado is headed to Jackie’s house. I call her and she gets the kids into her closet and we talk.

“Lord take the fear away and keep us safe”.

After a while we hear it’s all going to miss her and she gets the all clear.. What a relief for everyone.

But what came after… 1:30 am made all this look like a walk in the park.

I’m exhausted!


Nancie said...

I am so thankful that God has kept you and family safe. It is such a frightening experience. What a relief that the tornado is over!

Take care.

God bless!

Denise said...

I wish I could tell you that you need to move to Texas & avoid all that but can't. The only difference, we don't have basements to run to... I absolutely hate bad weather... espeically when the "T" word is involved. Watches or Warnings, don't like either one. So glad you made it thru this one. Yall all take care in the meantime!!!