Thursday, May 1, 2008

Quiet Before The Storm

Brownie and I took a nice walk first thing this morning. The weather is beautiful, 70 degrees, with a nice wind blowing. Although as I write this the wind is picking up.
We are in for a severe thunderstorm tonight but the way the wind is picking up I think it will be this afternoon. Aaron was hoping it would be this morning since he loves to have a storm while he's sleeping. (Although, if he's sleeping how is he going to know one way or the other??)

As I sit here typing I can hear dozens of birds chirping away. Wouldn't it be nice to know what they are saying? That reminds year I knew exactly what was being communicated!

Across the street a bird house was perched on a seven foot four by four. A pair of birds made a nest and started their family in this house. After their eggs hatched I could hear the babies and see the parents working hard to keep them fed.

One day I noticed one of the parents continually going in and out of the house and calling out now and then. This went on for a .....long......time. It was so long that I thought something must have happened to the mate. Never had either bird been gone this long of a time.

Finally....the mate returned and you should have seen the tongue lashing it got. There was no mistaking the anger there. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the step :)

That would have made a good YouTube video :)

Have a blessed day.



Looney Mom said...

Ha ha! I would have loved to see that chirping transaction! How funny. It would be nice to have a decoder of some sort.

The wind here is crazy and NOT helping the fires happening in the mountains!

Nancie said...

I can almost hear the birds chirping away by your vivid descriptions! Must be been really funny. No wonder you nearly fell off the step :)

Hope you have a blessed weekends!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I have often thought how much I'd like to understand conversations of birds outside my window...sweet and soft as well as the angry ones. The angry tirades amuse me and certainly get my attention. I wonder if birds have swear words.