Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Picture Time

While the professional photographer was doing her thing the rest of us with cameras were doing ours! We were practically tripping over each other for positions! All in good fun, of course!

Linsey, Jacob and Halle
Here's Michaela, Breanna, Jackie and Tricia with our Jacob and Linsey.
Not only do they look like sisters but they sound alike on the phone!
Mother and daughters

The fun part of being a grandmother is not having to do anything. We just show up and have fun! (And take pictures!)
(And take even more pictures!)


Nancie said...

Wow, these photos are lovely! It must have been very joyful and blessed moments. Glad you have had such an enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Anonymous said...

beautiful.....very proud and blessed day! I have another daughter! every body always thought Linsey was mine any way....It's official now!
Having a son...being apart of his life watching him grow, learn, hurt, and love.....I'm so very proud of the man and father he is today.......
CONGRATULATIONS goes to our family!
thanks for sharing our special day, momma from excitement, craziness, to tears of joy. Happy wedding day Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goodrich!!
My love to you mom, your daughter Jackie

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are great photos Darlene...what a wonderful day. Yep, Grandmas can just sit back and relax....