Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We're Having Fun!!

Charlie had to work on this special day....he made it in time to have some fun!!

This is Linsey's nephew with Braden, Mariah, Zach and Isaiah.
They were having such fun...'Let me take your picture guys!"
And they let me!!
Does this say "attitude" (big smile!!)

Here are two beautiful couples!
We had such FUN!!!

I happen to be at the right place, at the right time, to see this!!

This was a familiar sight among the guests.
These feet can't wait to get back into their comfy shoes.
These feet are asking who in their right mind would invent high heels.
It had to have been A MAN!!!!


Fortunately for everyone (except me!) my batteries died. Otherwise there would have been another thousand pictures up here :)
Such wonderful fun for everyone!!!


Nancie said...

Love your pictures! So wonderful to see everybody so happy and so many loving couples :)

Glad you too enjoy photography. I am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed day :)

Looney Mom said...

How wonderful. What a beautiful family. I was just catching up and enjoying the pictures. I think a thousand more would have been nice. Too bad. :)