Monday, May 12, 2008

Wretched Gas

My grass is a foot high, at least. I know, it's time to mow and that's just what I tried to do last week.

I pulled out my trusty, easy to start, lawn mower. Filled it up with gas, pushed the red thing that primes the motor, pulled the cord and.......nothing happened.

After a few minutes of priming and pulling I realize this little mower is not going to start.

I conclude it's the spark plug. I happen to see my neighbor a few days after this and he tells the how to check the spark plug, etc.

This week, meaning today :) I check the spark plug....actually I can't get it out....does it pull out or screw out??? I don't know....I can't get it to do either. The end of the plug looks just fine to me so it must be something else wrong.

There's a bike and mower repair shop a couple of blocks from my house so I decide the wise thing to do is bite the bullet and go over there and talk to the professionals, which I did.

The two men who own the business tell me they are so busy they live there which makes for two unhappy wives, or so they say. They can fix my mower June 9th. (I wonder how tall my grass with be by then, lol)

The reason they are so busy is this.....the powers that be are adding so much stuff (he told me what they were, you would recognize them, but now I can't remember) that it's eating out the carburetors. We can't treat our mowers as we have in the past, like using gas a few months old and not flushing out the motor.

So now I have to find someone to remove the gas that I just put in the other day and get totally fresh gas and hope (and pray) that it starts.

Otherwise I'm going to have to get my neighbors cows over here to do get the job done. (That will give him a big laugh!) (It will also stink up my yard....I wonder if that would get rid of the pesky varmints that live under my lawn:)

Have a blessed day and give someone a big hug!


Mema said...

My son reparis lawnmowers, but I guess it is to far to send it to Texas. :)

Good luck getting it fixed.

Nancie said...

Wow, looks like your grass really needs to be mowed. Hope you managed to get the mover fixed. May you have a blessed week!