Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've spent the last two days going through my books.....keep this.....toss that.....find a new home for this one. As it turns out I have two more big boxes of books that have found a new home.

I've also been working on all the "stuff" that ended up on the top of my desk. Never have I had so much "stuff" that needed sorting. Where did it all come from? Why did I think I needed to save this one or that one? Well, it's gone to be recycled or shredded :)

And today I thought I would give myself a break and do some yard work. I wasn't up to mowing so I got the big clippers out and started cutting everything away from the air conditioner and the back of the house. No big deal......or so I thought.

It didn't feel very hot outside and working in the shade should be no big deal.
I got it all cut out and put in a pile. I was getting tired so I came inside.

Long story short, I ended up in the ER with heat exhaustion. Go figure. I am not suppose to get overheated so I'm always in the shade when I'm in the yard. I thought that would cover me.

The bummer of this whole story is....I'm baned from any and all yard work. This is going to be really hard to do and even harder to remember that it's off bounds. I'll have to put a big sign on the inside of the back door so I won't forget. Bummer, I say!!

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Mema said...

My goodness Darlene, didn't you know that you were heating up. I am glad you are alright now.

Well of course I fully understand, I do the same thing, just a little more, then I will quit.

I will be aware now that you can wind up in ER if you are not careful

Thanks for the lesson.