Saturday, August 30, 2008

A little yard work

My doctor has banned me from my yard. You see, I had this little run in with heat exhaustion and ended up in the ER. The only aftermath that I have now is keeping myself cool and hydrated. The key words are "cool" and "hydrated".

So this morning, Miss C (my choc. lab) starts barking. I go to the front door and find my neighbor, bless her heart :), has decided to start a flower garden at the corner of my house.

This corner is troublesome in that the ground goes down on the side of the house. When it rains the dirt starts moving down the hill. It had "stuff" growing there, which I left alone figuring it would help hold the dirt in place. Last year I had placed a row of stones to help keep the dirt in place. It helped a little.

I stick my head out the door and my neighbor, bless her heart, tells me she's cleaning up this corner. She's pulling everything out of this area. I tell her how kind that is of her and that as soon as it rains all that dirt will be gone unless a retaining wall is put up. While I got dressed my neighbor, bless her heart, finished her project and pulled out the stones.

Unfortunately she knows nothing about building a retaining wall. That meant that I, whom (or is it who???) the doctor banned from the yard, must dig a hole and put up the retaining wall.

We got it done and I must say it looks great!


We completed the job around 2:30pm (I had to stop and cool down and rehydrate, you know :) and my neighbor, bless her heart, has some plants and flower seeds from her yard that she wants to put there. I've seen them, they are beautiful and colorful.
Wasn't that nice of my neighbor, bless her heart :)
Now, I've got to go and drink another gallon of gaterade.


Mema said...

Oh my, wish I had a neighbor like that. I have a lot of weeding that needs to be done.

Woke up to find three tree limbs in my back yard, no damage. they will be hauled off with the big tree that is still laying there. :)

Kay said...

You take care of yourself!!

How wonderful that you have such a caring neighbor. And the wall looks great!


Nancie said...

Thank God for a wonderful neighbor! So sweet of her to start a flower garden at the corner of your house. The wall looks great :) Do take care, Darlene. Rest well and stay "cool" and "hydrated" :) May God grant you a very blessed week ahead! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.