Sunday, August 31, 2008

We have flowers!

My neighbor, bless her heart, has a yard full of flowers and plants. She loves weeding her flower garden, replanting flowers, and giving away the extras.

This is what I saw today when I came outside!

Flowers and plants!!

I have no idea what kind they are but they look pretty! I hope they take well to the transplant :)

What a blessing this has been :)

Tomorrow will be spent with my girls and grandkids....this in itself is a great blessing!

Have a safe and blessed holiday my friends :)


Nancie said...

Lovely flowers! So kind of your neighbor. I love flowers too. Such a blessing that you can spend time with your girls and grandkids. Trust you have had a wonderful time together. Take care and have a blessed week ahead!

Kay said...

What a lovely neighbor! I can see that one of the things you got are blackeyed susans - a great late summer/early fall perennial!! Lucky you!