Monday, September 22, 2008

Beautiful Monday

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this past week, perfect for garage selling!

The big items sold out immediately.....which was nice as we didn't have to lug them into the garage at night :) The more we sold the more we brought out from the house which kept a lot of people coming back each day and leaving with a sack full. A couple more days and we would have sold everything. Am I a dreamer or what??

Sasha, the Miss Priss, didn't win.....Miss C came and Miss Priss had to go to Papa's house and stay. Of course Papa loved that, he's crazy about Sasha!

So much has been accomplished in a short few days. The sale was successful, we met two of the most kind hearted people on the face of the earth, the cousins spent quality time together and Miss C has made so much progress in her socializing one would never believe it was the same dog. "E" fell in love with her and took her on long runs, made over her and I know he'd take her home with him if he could get away with it, hee hee.

I forgot to take my I have zero pictures. That's a real bummer.

Some friends of mine stopped by this afternoon and they noticed the big change in Miss C from the last time they saw her. This is so wonderful.....a socialized dog is a happy dog.....they get lots of loving!

Take care, my friends, and God Bless!

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