Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Miss C

I am blessed to have such kind neighbors. My neighbor across the street, bless her heart, put in a flower garden for me.

My neighbors next door, (Mr. mows part of my yard for me) have never had dogs in their life and are afraid of them, informed me they now have a dog. a Chocolate Lab......MY Chocolate Lab!!!

Miss C protects their home right along with ours. (Strangers beware!) She also protects us from any dogs that should decide to come near, especially if my next door neighbor is outside. Miss C was outside on her lease when one such dog, a mommy dog for pete's sake, put her paw on the neighbor's yard and off Miss C went. Broke the lease and made the mommy dog go home.

My neighbors may as well claim her as they feed her more than I do!!

This is what they gave her......along with five more the same size! The extras I put in the frig and will give them to her one at a time over the next few days.

Too bad you can't see the huge smile on her face when she looks up!

God bless, my friends :)

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