Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Another Tuesday....whatever happened to those six days in between? We're all busy helping out at Tricia's! We'll be all done one of these days and when we are I'm going to make everyone come to my house.......to help...........forever!!!!

We are having lots of fun, meeting new and old friends of Tricia's. The garage has been cleared......someone stopped by to pick up the old lawn chairs at the curb and decided to come in for a look see and cleaned us out! What luck, what timing!

Bottom line....we are having lots of quality family time :) Isn't that what life is all about?

God bless, my friends!


Denise said...

Not sure if I missed something but could it be all this downsizing is an indication someone might be moving to Texas??? ;) Didn't think so but it was a fun thought... Glad to hear everything is go well... you should have seen the downsizing Grandma did!!!

Nancie said...

Glad to know that your family is having lots of quality family time. That is so precious! Thank God for such time. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my post. You are always very encouraging and I thank God that I can meet you and many others through blogging. Take care and may God continue to bless you and family abundantly!

Nancie said...

Hi Darlene, glad you like Letter to My Child or Father's Love Letter.

I have a text version as well as a very touching video on my post:


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Go and have some great quality family time!

Then back to blogging you must go! :-)

Have a wonderful week!