Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where Can It Be?

Thanksgiving is almost here and I still have not found my little red recipe box. You know, the one with ALL my trusty, old, recipes!

One of the best recipe for appetizers is in that box. The main ingredient is ham, ground ham, and it is delicious! Unfortunately that's the only ingredient that I can remember. A friend gave me this recipe over 3o years ago and I want it....I want it NOW, lol. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving day, a little something to sooth our hunger while we wait for the turkey :)

How can something so red......so square......so important......disappear???? I've got to have an answer!!!! WHERE IS IT?????


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Mema said...

Let me see, a little red box. Hummmm. If it like what I loose, it is setting in plain sight. I lost my candy jar. I kept it on my desk, well, Kami I eating to much candy so I hid it. Denise found it, setting in plain sight on top of my computer desk. Ta Da. Maybe she knows where it is. :)

Good luck, I hope you find it.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!