Monday, November 24, 2008

Joined the "Busy" club

I'm a member, all right, lol. I've noticed just about everyone is getting too busy to post so I'm in good company.

So, what have I been doing? The fun things include making Christmas cross stitch for my cards. It's counted so this is very time consuming, that or I'm just slow! At the moment I'm working on number three. I've hit a snag in the sense the card stock I bought is white and the material is cream colored. I'm not sure how this is going to look together. I've been out looking for colored stock and haven't found any that will work. If I knew what I was doing I would get it on line but I don't LOL.

Another fun thing.....I've started an oil painting class at the local community center. So far I've wasted countless hours looking for my supplies. Either they do not have what I need or I can't find my list. It's getting rather disheartening but I've got nine days before my next class. Perhaps I can get it sure my list is in my pocket.....and hit the stores (there's four or five listed to get this or that. Good grief, that is just to much for me :).

I've also started my Christmas shopping. This is rather easy as I already know what to give's just a matter of finding it or making it!

I'm also getting a little organized here and there. Since I'm not working all that hard at it it's going to take a looooooong time!!

Between all this I'm getting a little spooked about driving. I'm a defensive driver and as such I've avoided two catastrophes the last two times I've been out and about. Two seconds can make a difference between life and death. Since things happen to me in threes this is getting rather.......interesting. On the one hand it shows how much our Lord has us in his hands and on the He telling me something?

So, my friends, this is what I've been up to. Nothing exciting but a whole lot of fun!

Speaking of fun....I really had fun with the on-line giveaways last year. So much so that I thought I might do one myself. When I complete this next cross stitch I think I'll put it up as a giveaway. Would anyone be interested?

God bless, my friends.


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