Monday, January 5, 2009

Garden Give Away!!

Spring catalogs are starting to arrive. Flowers, roses, fruit, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees. A dreamers delight! I know what I want to do with my back yard and I’m hopeful this is the year I can get started.

I’m even going to give another try at gardening. (The deer have eaten everyone’s garden the last two years but, this year, I have a plan!)

Over the years I’ve noticed everything going to hybrids. I don’t want hybrids, I want seeds to replenish for next year.

After I made my wish list I cruised over to Jadee’s to see what she’s been up to since I last visited.

And guess what!!

Jaydee is having a garden seed giveaway!!!

A BIG garden seed giveaway!

A $25.00 garden seed giveaway!!

Now that’s a lot of seed!!


These are not just any seeds.

They’re HEIRLOOM seeds!! (I’ll be visiting this store, for sure!)


Hurry on over to Jaydee’s!

Drawing is January 10th..

Good Luck my friends!


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