Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

And it was a great one!

An evening of fun, movies and good food.

New Year resolutions.....I see very good ones on this blogosphere but I, for one, do not make them as I know I will only break them. The habits are there and can only be broken with a change in life style. What a hard thing to do. It takes a lot of prayer, supplication and will power. It takes six weeks to break a habit. Six L-0-N-G weeks, lol. I have several habits I want to break and started the process some time ago. The results are not in yet but there is vast improvement.

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year.....



jayedee said...

happy new year! i hope 2009 blesses you to pieces!
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stop by and check it out, if you'd like!

Looney Mom™ said...

A friend of mine said that she has goals and to-do lists that change but she doesn't make resolutions because they're emotional prisons. Wow. I agree.

Now on the time it takes to build new habits - it gets longer every time. I remember someone saying 13 days, then 30 days and now you're saying 6 weeks? I am getting disillusioned; I don't know if I will be able to build new good habits any time soon. *sigh*

Anyway, here's wishing you a great new year!