Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank you Hybred cars!

Many, many winters ago, during an energy crunch, the powers that be had everyone turn their thermostats down 10 degrees. Those who did not were charged a penalty. This was particularly hard on the elderly as they already had their thermosts set at 65. The reason I remember this is the tv newspeople got involved on behalf of these elderly citizens.

The other reason I remember is the fact that most everyone complied and to the detriment of the energy company they lost money. And we all know what happened next, right?

They raised the cost of gas. And once the crisis was over they did not lower their fee. So there we are.

Now, because of the gas shortage gas prices went sky high. Everyone was told to get a hybred and everyone that could afford to did so. Well, almost everyone. Anyway, those who could not afford a hybred just quit driving unless it was absolutely necessary. I know in my area I could go out during the day to run an errand and not see any cars on the road. Very creepy.

So hybred owners bought less gas and the rest of us bought less gas. This translates to less tax money for the goverment.

The powers that be must have that tax money, well much, much more now that we have that new bill. So you know what they are wanting to those miles you drive.

I want to shout out a big Thank You to those hybred cars!!

(And myself and everyone else that cut back on their driving:)

My next thank you will be to our toilets. I hear Australia is taxing on the number of flushes their citizens make. I don't know how they do that but I'm sure our government will figure it out.

Really, I'm laughing. I mean, what next?

I'm going to go party. Have a great weekend!


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James Shott said...

Our government repeatedly outsmarts itself, doesn't, and as usual, the people take it on the chin.

The Eagles album is great. Those guys haven't lost a step, and may have gained a couple.

I especially like the Joe Walsh tune "Last Good Time In Town," although there are several really good tunes on it.