Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Notes

It's been stormy and cold since Saturday night. The storms are ok but the cold....not so much!
Although, with the cold one does not have to deal with the prospect of tornadoes.

As I was shifting through my to-do list the sirens went off......very startling as this is Tuesday, not Wednesday the test day. After the first shock I told myself it's way to cold for a tornado and sure enough the weather radio came on with "test" alarm. Cripes! I'd like to give them a piece of my mind, I mean, why not tomorrow? Is the weather going to play a game on us and get hot with storms...tomorrow? I think not!

As you know, I joined "The Growing Challenge" in hopes of getting some first hand info on gardening. As we get closer to summer I'm sure more posts will pop up. I'm still interested in info on the 5 in 1 tree. I found one post from last year where one was planted. Hope to see something this year as to how the tree (pear) is doing.

As for my raised garden.....it's been storming so my tires are stacked, just sitting, just waiting.
And I took a moment yesterday....and for the first time.....really looked at them. That hole in the tire is pretty small! My plan on paper consisted of a tire, a tomato plant in the center with a cage around it, and smaller vegs planted all around.

Never going to happen! The only thing that will fit in that hole is one tomato plant minus the cage. Fortunately tomatoes are not a cool weather plant so on with plan B or C or whatever!

I wonder......I've seen tomato plants in buckets, upside down, hanging from a pole, with lots of tomatoes. I have LOTS of buckets! And two clothes line posts!

As you can probably tell, tomatoes are a high priority veg for this summer :)

Tomatoes and peas. Those are the priorities.

Have a blessed day, my friends!


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The Park Wife said...

I have thought about the hanging tomato plants also, but I might just try to do some bartering at the Farmers' Market because I am not too good at growing tomatos. However, I did hear someone say that you can buy a bag of potting soil, cut three long slits on the bottom (for water drainage) then cut small hole in the top and plant your tomato plant (or whatever else you want to grow). No weeds to worry about! Just an idea.

Take care, The Park Wife