Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Another visit to the dentist today, three visits down and two to go. Then on to maintenance. I was very fortunate to find an excellent office. Everyone is super pleasant, helpful and kind.
Ever get those shots in the upper lip and have it NOT hurt? This was a first for me. This visit I had to have two shots in two areas. No pain. I am in awe.

This dentist is so into his patients' needs that if you can not afford to have the work done he will carry the balance with no interest. Hopefully I won't have to to do this. All I can say is God bless him!

My point in all this is if you need dental work done there are some great dentists out there that will take care of you without the pain and help with the cost. Check it out in your area......there's got to be another dentist like him :)


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Joy Des Jardins said...

That's some great dentist Darlene...not everyone does that. But you're right...I'm sure there are those who do. Good luck with your visits.... ~Joy