Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday's Bouquet

Like a breath of fresh air!

I should add Baby's Breath to my non existent flower garden. The perennial variety, of course :)

I've never planted flowers and such so this is all learning experience for me. All I ever knew about Baby's Breath is it's a filler for floral arrangements, etc.

Actually the bush is quite beautiful with small grayish-green leaves and flower sprays 32 inches tall. I didn't know this.....the flowers can be either white or pale pink, double or single. And.....they are related to the carnation.

After I make my bouquets I must remember to spray with hair spray. This will give the flowers a longer life with a little shine without looking unnatural.

I wonder if my local Lowe's has Baby Breath.


Please take a second and help feed our four legged homeless friends. It's free to you and me!

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