Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Week

Spring is such a busy time and it keeps raining which causes the grass to grow ten times faster than normal. Our yards are like marshes but that doesn't stop the mowers in this neighborhood. They hop on their mowers and away they go! I think they would mow whether the yard needed it or not......they love riding that mower!

I've got several plants in my raised garden but I do have an issue with Miracle Grow.
I'm tempted to give them a piece of my mind.....the piece that I can do without, that is, lol. Their packaging is very deceiving, which is their intention. Who turns the heavy bag over on the back to see that the directions are just the opposite of what's on the front? Not I, heck I can't lift the stupid thing let alone turn it over.

So, what's the problem?

The front of the bag, in huge letters, Organic Soil......For the garden...... and all the reasons to use this Organic Soil.

On the must mix l/2 with soil and not for containers.

Well, I didn't AND I think my tires are probably considered containers.

So we shall see........

Today the peas are growing like crazy but the tomato plants are not looking so good. They look a little sick. The garlic is growing but since I've never grown garlic I'm not sure what they are suppose to look like. The pepper plants.....I can't really tell yet. They seem to be ok.

My friend just put in a raised garden....using lumber like one is suppose to. She mixes her own soil....using manure. I can never get past the "manure" part so I bought the "ORGANIC SOIL" the one that's suppose to be so dang good for your vegs. You know, bigger.....better......producing double or more vegs than normal....ORGANIC SOIL.

Yea, this makes me feel REALLY smart :)

Have a blessed day, my friends! Without these little glitches live would be just soooo dull!


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