Friday, June 26, 2009

Ice cubes can be helpful

We had quite an electrical storm complete with wind. We lost our power so I ended up in the cool basement. I have an area that I've made into a living room.

So I got out the candles, picked out a good book, and got confortable.

When the electricity is out during a really hot day (the heat index was about 110) I am always concerned about the contents of my refrigerator. In the winter I can pack everything and set it outside......not so in the summer.

So, I always keep ice cubes in a container in the freezer. If the cubes melt and refreeze I know to throw everyting out. This is also a good idea when leaving town, one never knows if the electricity went out during that time.

Fortunately my cubes didn't melt :)


P.S. There's a bill before the House right now. Many people are calling their Representatives, if they can't get thru at the DC level they are calling their local offices, to let them know NOT to vote for the Cap and Tax bill.

If this bill passes our utilites will increase 50 plus percent.

My utility provider has already warned their customers about the price increase because of this bill. Hope your provider let you know what to expect.

P.S.S. Another bill (1500 pages) passed without being read. 219 for, 212 against. Now we have to call our Senators, that is if you are against this bill.

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Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Hey Sweet Friend! It's been a while since I've stopped by. I've been thinking of you and the awful heat that you're having to endure. I remember when I was growing up in IL we would always go to the basement when it was hot. We didn't have A/C then - not sure how we survived! Daddy had a little living room area down there and we could watch TV.

Come to WA - it's nice and cool here and no humidity.