Friday, July 24, 2009

A touch of heaven

It's late and I'm hungry........really, really hungry.

It's hot and I don't want to cook.....let alone eat anything on the heavy side.

What could possibly be better than home grown vegees? With Ranch Dressing.....not just any Ranch Dressing.....but Ranch Dressing with vegees!

Oh, soooo good!

Just dip those home grown vegees in some new (and improved) Ranch Dressing!

A little touch of heaven......



More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Darlene :)

Home grown vegees sounds great! It's been very hot over here is Singapore too. I have been having problem eating heavy meals and so I take lots of fruits. Hope you have a blessed week ahead! Take care and God bless. With much love and prayers, Nancie

James Shott said...

Hi, Darlene.

I just noticed your "rescue" references, and that brought to mind our friends who have seven (or eight) rescues.

Good for you.