Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good Grief!

I was going to title this "Pay Attention You Idiot" but that sounded so terrible I changed it to "Good Grief".

I have a wedding to attend and nothing to wear. So I asked God to help me in this endeavor. Shopping for clothes is something I can not do. I have no fashion sense and can never find anything I like. Consequently I haven't shopped for clothes in to many years to count.

The wedding is Saturday so I bit the bullet and went to the local mall to find something to wear. Can you believe it, the second store I went into I found the perfect suit. Thank you, Lord!

Yesterday I went to the local shoe store to find shoes for the suit. I found just the pair I liked (surprise!) BUT decided I could do better by going a couple of towns over and shop all the big shoe stores. You a half hour ($$$$$$) and shop, shop, shop.

In all this shopping around I found ONLY one pair that would's the same pair that I found at the local store yesterday!!!

See what I mean....

Jesus thinks I'm very funny, I think I'm an idiot!!!

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